(RHSA-2015:0660) Moderate: qpid-cpp security and bug fix update

ID RHSA-2015:0660
Type redhat
Reporter RedHat
Modified 2015-04-24T14:19:24


Red Hat Enterprise MRG (Messaging, Realtime, and Grid) is a next-generation IT infrastructure for enterprise computing. MRG offers increased performance, reliability, interoperability, and faster computing for enterprise customers.

The Qpid packages provide a message broker daemon that receives, stores and routes messages using the open AMQP messaging protocol along with run-time libraries for AMQP client applications developed using Qpid C++. Clients exchange messages with an AMQP message broker using the AMQP protocol.

It was discovered that the Qpid daemon (qpidd) did not restrict access to anonymous users when the ANONYMOUS mechanism was disallowed. (CVE-2015-0223)

Multiple flaws were found in the way the Qpid daemon (qpidd) processed certain protocol sequences. An unauthenticated attacker able to send a specially crafted protocol sequence set could use these flaws to crash qpidd. (CVE-2015-0203, CVE-2015-0224)

Red Hat would like to thank the Apache Software Foundation for reporting the CVE-2015-0203 issue. Upstream acknowledges G. Geshev from MWR Labs as the original reporter.

This update also fixes the following bug:

  • Prior to this update, because message purging was performed on a timer thread, large purge events could have caused all other timer tasks to be delayed. Because heartbeats were also driven by a timer on this thread, this could have resulted in clients timing out because they were not receiving heartbeats. The fix moves expired message purging from the timer thread to a worker thread, which allow long-running expired message purges to not affect timer tasks such as the heartbeat timer. (BZ#1142833)

All users of Red Hat Enterprise MRG Messaging 2.5 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which correct these issues.