(RHSA-2015:0234) Important: Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite 6.0.3 security update


Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite is a business rules and processes management system for the management, storage, creation, modification, and deployment of JBoss rules and BPMN2-compliant business processes. This roll up patch serves as a cumulative upgrade for Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite 6.0.3, and includes bug fixes and enhancements. It includes various bug fixes, which are listed in the README file included with the patch files. The following security issues are also fixed with this release, descriptions of which can be found on the respective CVE pages linked in the References section. CVE-2012-6153 Apache HttpComponents client: SSL hostname verification bypass, incomplete CVE-2012-5783 fix CVE-2014-3577 Apache HttpComponents client: SSL hostname verification bypass, incomplete CVE-2012-6153 fix CVE-2013-4002 xerces-j2: Xerces-J2 OpenJDK: XML parsing Denial of Service (JAXP, 8017298) CVE-2013-5855 Mojarra JSF: XSS due to insufficient escaping of user-supplied content in outputText tags and EL expressions CVE-2014-0005 security: PicketBox/JBossSX: Unauthorized access to and modification of application server configuration and state by application CVE-2014-0075 jbossweb: tomcat: Limited DoS in chunked transfer encoding input filter CVE-2014-0096 jbossweb: Apache Tomcat: XXE vulnerability via user supplied XSLTs CVE-2014-0099 jbossweb: Apache Tomcat: Request smuggling via malicious content length header CVE-2014-0119 jbossweb: Apache Tomcat 6: XML parser hijack by malicious web application CVE-2014-0193 netty: DoS via memory exhaustion during data aggregation CVE-2014-0227 Tomcat/JBossWeb: Limited DoS in chunked transfer encoding input filter CVE-2014-3472 jboss-as-controller: JBoss AS Security: Invalid EJB caller role check implementation CVE-2014-3490 RESTEasy: XXE via parameter entities CVE-2014-3530 PicketLink: XXE via insecure DocumentBuilderFactory usage CVE-2014-3558 hibernate-validator: Hibernate Validator: JSM bypass via ReflectionHelper CVE-2014-3578 spring: Spring Framework: Directory traversal CVE-2014-3625 spring: Spring Framework: directory traversal flaw CVE-2014-3682 jbpm-designer: XXE in BPMN2 import CVE-2014-8114 UberFire: Information disclosure and RCE via insecure file upload/download servlets CVE-2014-8115 KIE Workbench: Insufficient authorization constraints Red Hat would like to thank James Roper of Typesafe for reporting the CVE-2014-0193 issue, CA Technologies for reporting the CVE-2014-3472 issue, Alexander Papadakis for reporting the CVE-2014-3530 issue, and David Jorm for reporting the CVE-2014-8114 and CVE-2014-8115 issues. The CVE-2012-6153 issue was discovered by Florian Weimer of Red Hat Product Security; the CVE-2014-0005 issue was discovered by Josef Cacek of the Red Hat JBoss EAP Quality Engineering team; the CVE-2014-0075, CVE-2014-3490, and CVE-2014-3682 issues were discovered by David Jorm of Red Hat Product Security. All users of Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite 6.0.3 as provided from the Red Hat Customer Portal are advised to apply this roll up patch.