(RHSA-2012:1207) Moderate: glibc security and bug fix update

ID RHSA-2012:1207
Type redhat
Reporter RedHat
Modified 2017-09-08T11:56:49


The glibc packages provide the standard C and standard math libraries used by multiple programs on the system. Without these libraries, the Linux system cannot function properly.

Multiple integer overflow flaws, leading to stack-based buffer overflows, were found in glibc's functions for converting a string to a numeric representation (strtod(), strtof(), and strtold()). If an application used such a function on attacker controlled input, it could cause the application to crash or, potentially, execute arbitrary code. (CVE-2012-3480)

This update also fixes the following bug:

  • Previously, logic errors in various mathematical functions, including exp, exp2, expf, exp2f, pow, sin, tan, and rint, caused inconsistent results when the functions were used with the non-default rounding mode. This could also cause applications to crash in some cases. With this update, the functions now give correct results across the four different rounding modes. (BZ#839411)

All users of glibc are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which contain backported patches to correct these issues.