(RHSA-2010:0679) Moderate: rpm security and bug fix update

ID RHSA-2010:0679
Type redhat
Reporter RedHat
Modified 2017-09-08T12:17:37


The RPM Package Manager (RPM) is a command line driven package management system capable of installing, uninstalling, verifying, querying, and updating software packages.

It was discovered that RPM did not remove setuid and setgid bits set on binaries when upgrading packages. A local attacker able to create hard links to binaries could use this flaw to keep those binaries on the system, at a specific version level and with the setuid or setgid bit set, even if the package providing them was upgraded by a system administrator. This could have security implications if a package was upgraded because of a security flaw in a setuid or setgid program. (CVE-2010-2059)

This update also fixes the following bug:

  • A memory leak in the communication between RPM and the Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) subsystem, which could have caused extensive memory consumption. In reported cases, this issue was triggered by running rhn_check when errata were scheduled to be applied. (BZ#627630)

All users of rpm are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which contain backported patches to correct these issues.