(RHSA-2010:0567) Moderate: lvm2-cluster security update

ID RHSA-2010:0567
Type redhat
Reporter RedHat
Modified 2017-09-08T12:07:06


The lvm2-cluster package contains support for Logical Volume Management (LVM) in a clustered environment.

It was discovered that the cluster logical volume manager daemon (clvmd) did not verify the credentials of clients connecting to its control UNIX abstract socket, allowing local, unprivileged users to send control commands that were intended to only be available to the privileged root user. This could allow a local, unprivileged user to cause clvmd to exit, or request clvmd to activate, deactivate, or reload any logical volume on the local system or another system in the cluster. (CVE-2010-2526)

Note: This update changes clvmd to use a pathname-based socket rather than an abstract socket. As such, the lvm2 update RHBA-2010:0569, which changes LVM to also use this pathname-based socket, must also be installed for LVM to be able to communicate with the updated clvmd.

All lvm2-cluster users should upgrade to this updated package, which contains a backported patch to correct this issue. After installing the updated package, clvmd must be restarted for the update to take effect.