(RHSA-2010:0471) Low: Red Hat Network Satellite Server IBM Java Runtime security update

ID RHSA-2010:0471
Type redhat
Reporter RedHat
Modified 2016-04-04T18:36:47


This update corrects several security vulnerabilities in the IBM Java Runtime Environment shipped as part of Red Hat Network Satellite Server 5.3. In a typical operating environment, these are of low security risk as the runtime is not used on untrusted applets.

Several flaws were fixed in the IBM Java 2 Runtime Environment. (CVE-2010-0084, CVE-2010-0085, CVE-2010-0087, CVE-2010-0088, CVE-2010-0089, CVE-2010-0090, CVE-2010-0091, CVE-2010-0092, CVE-2010-0094, CVE-2010-0095, CVE-2010-0837, CVE-2010-0838, CVE-2010-0839, CVE-2010-0840, CVE-2010-0841, CVE-2010-0842, CVE-2010-0843, CVE-2010-0844, CVE-2010-0846, CVE-2010-0848, CVE-2010-0849)

Users of Red Hat Network Satellite Server 5.3 are advised to upgrade to these updated java-1.6.0-ibm packages, which resolve these issues. For this update to take effect, Red Hat Network Satellite Server must be restarted ("/usr/sbin/rhn-satellite restart"), as well as all running instances of IBM Java.