Decapping with Dave (chip decapping)

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Reporter David Lodge
Modified 2018-11-08T15:14:14


Thought I'd share my first attempt at chip decapping using the @LargeCardinal technique.

I found using a gas soldering iron more flexible than a blowtorch.

This is attempt number two, this time with an Atmel 328 MCU; this is almost a work of art.

Blowtorch decapping try number 3. Firstly an STC MCU desoldered from a board I had kicking around.

This is a NAND Flash die that I had in the spare parts drawer, from some old tablet. I think I overheated this as the epoxy is quite thin.

Couldn't photo the whole thing as the ring of lights on my microscope reflected back.

Here's the blowtorchy bit. The clearing off the epoxy didn't work.