Automated Penetration Testing Toolkit UPDATE: APT2 v1.0-20170613!

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Almost five months ago, I covered this automated penetration testing toolkit. I was updating my tools today and found that this toolkit was also updated some time ago. This is the APT2 v1.0-20170613 release, which was released almost 2 months ago.

APT2 v1.0-20170613

What is APT2?

> APT2 will perform an NMap scan, or import the results of a scan from Nexpose, Nessus, or NMap. The processesd results will be used to launch exploit and enumeration modules according to the configurable Safe Level and enumerated service information. All module results are stored on localhost and are part of APT2's Knowledge Base (KB). The KB is accessible from within the application and allows the user to view the harvested results of an exploit module.

Changes made to APT2 v1.0-20170613:

There is no official change log for this release. I have tried to see what has changed from the commit log and have listed important changes down as below:

  • Added module types. You can now specify a comma separated list of module types to exclude from running.
  • Changed default path for Responder.
  • APT2 now fetches the paths from the config file.
  • Deprecated the module.
  • General comment and typo/edit error fixes.
  • Updated Responder to have configurable timeout setting.
  • Changed active module list to print always.
  • Updated to check for file existence before reading it.
  • Default password list to use with password guesses was added.
  • Updated to output queue size in debug.
  • Updated to handle error in identifying IP address.
  • Added ability to require API KEYS.
  • Added some initial OSINT modules such as IpWhois & Shodan.
  • Updated to allow more control over OSINT checks.
  • Fixed issues with install & removed unnecessary files.

In case, you have anything to add to this list, please comment and let me know.

Download APT2 v1.0-20170613:

APT2 v1.0-20170613 can be checked out from it's GIT repository here. You also can download & apt2-1.0-20170613.tar.gz from the releases page here.

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