SSH Service Exposed in Zingbox Inspector

ID PAN-SA-2019-0029
Type paloalto
Reporter Palo Alto Networks Product Security Incident Response Team
Modified 2019-10-01T07:00:00


The SSH service is enabled on the Zingbox Inspector, exposing SSH to the local network. When combined with PAN-SA-2019-0027, this can allow an attacker to authenticate to the service using hardcoded credentials. (Ref: CVE-2019-15017) The vulnerability allows for users to authenticate to the software using hardcoded credentials if access to SSH on the Zingbox Inspector is not otherwise restricted (see also PAN-SA-2019-0027). This issue affects Zingbox Inspector, versions 1.294 and earlier.

Work around: In the normal course of operation, Zingbox Inspector automatically updates its own software, and a fixed version of software has already been made available. No user action is required unless the software is unable to update itself. Customers still running affected versions of Zingbox Inspector software can mitigation this issue by updating to a patched version, or by disabling access to port 22 on the Zingbox Inspector by using a firewall.