Authentication Bypass in PAN-OS Management Web Interface

ID PAN-SA-2019-0005
Type paloalto
Reporter Palo Alto Networks Product Security Incident Response Team
Modified 2019-03-28T20:05:00


An Authentication Bypass vulnerability exists in the PAN-OS Management Web Interface. (Ref # PAN-113675, CVE-2019-1572) Successful exploitation of this issue may allow an unauthenticated remote user to access php files. This issue affects Only PAN-OS 9.0.0

Work around: This issue affects the web-based management interface of PAN-OS and is strongly mitigated by following best practices for securing the management interface of PAN-OS. Our best practices guidelines reduce the exposure of the management interface to potential attackers. We recommend that the management interface be isolated and strictly limited only to security administration personnel through either network segmentation or using the IP access control list restriction feature within PAN-OS. Please review the Best Practices for Securing Administrative Access in the PAN-OS technical documentation, available at: