Lexmark Cross Site Scripting

Type packetstorm
Reporter dave b
Modified 2011-01-05T00:00:00


                                            `Good morning. I think for most people on this list, the PJL RDYMSG  
printer display message prank would not be new.  
However, what is amusing is that some lexmark (and dell) printers  
display the actual text on the printer display in their web interface  
without escaping it. This can be used to xss the web interface.  
Side note: a lot of printers will display it(the text) in an image and  
are not vulnerable.  
Here is one device which is known to have this problem and you can  
easily find via google  
1. Lexmark X651de (google for 'Lexmark X651de "Device Status" ')  
You can use nmap to set the RDYMSG of a printer and xss the printer  
web interface:  
nmap --script=pjl-ready-message.nse  
--script-args='pjl_ready_message="<script>alert(1);</script>"' . [0]  
Note: you should also be able to use OPMSG and STMSG to xss the web interface.  
[0] - http://nmap.org/nsedoc/scripts/pjl-ready-message.html