Tastydir Folder Creation / Cookie Forgery / Chmod

Type packetstorm
Reporter R
Modified 2010-10-17T00:00:00


                                            `# Exploit Title: Tastydir <= 1216 folder creation vuln  
# Date: Oct 17 2010  
# Author: R  
# Software Link: http://codecanyon.net/item/tastydir-an-ajax-file-manager-and-dir-listing/117167  
# Version: 1216  
# Tested on: Ubuntu 10.10  
# Information:  
Tastydir is a cross-platform PHP file management system  
which allows you to not only replace your traditional FTP  
client but also allow your users to view directories in  
a much more aesthetically pleasing way.  
# Vulnerability (Folder Creation):  
Tastydir has the option to remotely create folders on your  
server, but it doesn't check if the user is logged in or  
not so an attacker can easily create folders from the  
server and access.  
# Exploitation:  
# Vulnerability (File Listing):  
Tastydir version 1216 and below present a file listing  
vulnerability, an attacker can list all the files from  
a folder, and can see the permissions for that file and  
it's size.  
# Exploitation:  
# Vulnerability (Cookie Forgery):  
When a user logs, a cookie named tastydir_auth is created,  
the data section contains the twice hashed sha1 password  
of the administrator.  
# Exploitation:  
An attacker given certain conditions ( by disclosing the  
hashed password from _tastydir/settings.php ) can forge  
a cookie to imitate an authentic log in, without having  
to crack the password, by hashing the hashed password  
using the sha1 algorithm and inserting it into the cookie.  
# Cookie:  
Name: tastydir_auth  
Content: [2x hashed password sha1]  
# Vulnerability (chmod):  
Tastydir has the option to remotely chmod files from your  
server, but it doesn't check if the user is logged in or  
not so an attacker can easily chmod the files from the  
# Exploitation: