LuckySploit Exploit Pack PHP Code Execution

Type packetstorm
Reporter Laurent Oudot
Modified 2010-09-08T00:00:00


We wanted to let you know that TEHTRI-Security will release many 0days   
and offensive technologies during a new training called :  
- "Hunting Web Attackers"  
It will be proposed during HackInTheBox SecConf Malaysia 2010 in   
October, in Kuala Lumpur.  
The 0days will be disclosed under a NDA (for students only) and will   
help at fighting back web attackers, as we already explained in the past   
in China and in Singapore (SyScan).  
As a teaser, this email contains one of our remote 0day exploits. We   
also found 0days against Zeus, Eleonore, CrimePack, etc.  
Our self-defense cyber-weapons will be disclosed during this training.  
------ BEGIN Security Advisory ------  
Vuln : TEHTRI-SA-2010-018  
Tool : LuckySploit Exploit Pack  
Title: Remote execution in LuckySploit  
LuckySploit is a tool used by attackers to penetrate companies or   
personal computers by abusing client-side vulnerabilities. This malware   
exploitation kit is full of anti Microsoft technologies.  
By auditing this Malware, TEHTRI-Security has found a pre-auth remote   
exploit in the file /mod/to.php  
By sending a specially crafted HTTP packet with a POST argument, it's   
possible to simulate a configuration modification, and to inject PHP   
code that will be able to be executed after.  
Here is an example, where we modify the remote file "7.php" by adding   
our own PHP code inside it (PoC anti kiddies: phpinfo() added).  
POST sent to  
With arguments :  
Then you can access your new remote backdoor here :  
This exploit is provided by TEHTRI-Security as a technical proof to show   
that defenders who are under attack, might be able to strike back   
against a group of evil intruders trying to commit cyber crimes against   
them. But this should not be used out of legal field.  
This might help at getting the identities of attackers, or at hacking   
their workstations, or at destroying their tools and infrastructures   
(anti-cyber-war & anti-cyber-spy technologies).  
------ END Security Advisory ------  
If you want to be sure to have your seat for this outstanding offensive   
training, please do register as soon as possible (Technical Training   
Track3 / TT3 - Hunting Web Attackers, 11-12 October ) :  
See you soon at the awesome international conference HITBSecConf   
Malaysia 2010,  
Laurent OUDOT, CEO & Founder TEHTRI-Security  
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