Facebook Friend Finder Email Leakage

Type packetstorm
Reporter James Bercegay
Modified 2010-08-26T00:00:00


                                            `1. Navigate to the Facebook "Friend Finder" feature.  
2. Click the "Upload Contact File" option in order to access the file   
upload prompt.  
3. Upload a contact file of ANY of the accepted formats that contains a   
list of email addresses that you would like to enumerate.  
4. Select the target email(s), and click "Invite to Join.  
5. If the email you are targeting DOES have a restricted Facebook   
profile then an email invite will not be sent, and a page which contains   
a link to the Facebook profile associated with the target email address   
to be enumerated will be displayed, thus allowing you to link the email   
with the corresponding account.  
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