CustomCMS Gaming Portal Cross Site Scripting / Shell Upload

Type packetstorm
Reporter Sid3 effects
Modified 2010-04-27T00:00:00


PLz chk it   
# Exploit Title: XSS and shell upload Vulnerability in CustomCMS Gaming Portal V.  
# Date: 25-apr-2010  
# Author: Sid3^effects  
# Software Link: N/a  
# CVE : []  
# Code : []  
XSS and shell upload Vulnerability CustomCMS Gaming Portal V.  
------------------------------ Author:Sid3^effects-------------------------------------------------------  
What is Custom CMS Gaming?  
Custom CMS Gaming is a Content Management System geared towards all Gamers that would like   
to maintain and create fully functional gaming sources. Whether you're interested in running   
your gaming site as a hobby or as a serious online venture, Custom CMS Gaming makes it easy   
for all users to create & manage the Gaming website they've always dreamed of.   
PRICE : 55$   
3xpl0it : XSS (cross site scripting )   
XSS is found in the following link..  
Attack Pattern: '"-->   
3xpl0it : Shell upload   
You can upload shell once you get into admincp   
* Rename the shell and upload with the extension .php.giff  
GOTO http://site/images/uploads/misc/ur_shell.php.giff.php  
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