Joomla webERPcustomer Local File Inclusion

Type packetstorm
Reporter Chip D3 Bi0s
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Joomla Component webERPcustomer Local File Inclusion  
Author : Chip D3 Bi0s  
Group : LatinHackTeam  
Email & msn :  
Date : 31 March 2010  
Critical Lvl : Moderate  
Impact : Exposure of sensitive information  
Where : From Remote  
Affected software description:  
Application : webERPcustomer  
version : 1.2.1  
Developer : Mo Kelly  
License : GPL type : Commercial  
Price : 20.00 USD  
Date Added : 24 June 2009  
Download :  
Demo :  
Description :  
webERPcustomer is a Joomla! component integrated with webERP. Upon logging in and clicking the webERPcustomer  
menu selection the user/salesperson will be able to view and update webERP customer master records assigned  
to them and access/update associated wiki data. webERPcustomer is an easy way to allow sales persons to update  
their customer data.  
The Joomla user name and webERP salesperson code must be the same and the Joomla database user must be given  
rights to the webERP database.  
webERP is an open source accounting package that is very popular. At Rockwall Computer we are writing modules  
and components integrated with webERP so that companies can access and update data in webERP using Joomla modules  
and components. This reduces training time and the user interface is more friendly and powerful.  
For instance, this accounts receivable customer and branch record update is much easier to access than through webERP.  
Clicking the note/pencil opens the webERP wiki notes for that customer. This method of access to a sales persons  
including the wiki integration makes it very powerful!  
file error : components/com_weberpcustomer/weberpcustomer.php  
how to exploit  
[!] Produced in South America