phpAdsNew / OpenAds / OpenX XSS

Type packetstorm
Reporter MustLive
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                                            `Hello Bugtraq!  
I want to warn you about vulnerability in phpAdsNew, OpenAds and OpenX.  
Earlier I already wrote to the list about XSS and HTML Injection  
vulnerabilities in tagcloud.swf in multiple plugins for many engines such as  
WordPress, Joomla and DLE. About this issue I wrote in details in my article  
XSS vulnerabilities in 34 millions flash files  
And before this article, I made another research and wrote another article  
about holes in millions of flash banners - XSS vulnerabilities in 8 millions  
flash files ( Among millions of vulnerable  
web sites, there are also sites which are using banner systems,  
particularly phpAdsNew, OpenAds and OpenX.  
Advisory: Vulnerability in phpAdsNew, OpenAds and OpenX  
23.04.2009 - found the vulnerabilities.  
11.12.2009 - announced at my site.  
12.12.2009 - informed developers.  
12.02.2009 - disclosed at my site.  
This is Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability.  
The vulnerability exists in flash banners in phpAdsNew, OpenAds and OpenX  
banner systems (there are a lot of web sites which are using these banner  
systems with such vulnerable flash banners).  
The attack is possible via parameter clickTAG (but other parameters are  
possible, as I wrote in my article) in flash banners. About such  
vulnerabilities I wrote in details (and gave recommendations about  
protection against them) in my article XSS vulnerabilities in 8 millions  
flash files.  
Vulnerable are all versions of phpAdsNew, OpenAds and OpenX. Developers took  
this vulnerability into account (they were planning to inform users of their  
banner systems about this issue). In addition to recommendations about  
protection for web developers and for web sites owners (which I gave in my  
article), I also gave recommendations for Internet users in my interview at  
Data Security Podcast (  
Best wishes & regards,  
Administrator of Websecurity web site