jQuery Uploadify 2.1.0 Shell Upload

Type packetstorm
Reporter Kacper
Modified 2010-01-22T00:00:00


                                            `# Exploit Title: jQuery uploadify v2.1.0 Remote File Upload  
# Date: 21/01/2010  
# Author: k4cp3r/Ablus  
# Software Link: http://www.uploadify.com/_files/jquery.uploadify-v2.1.0.zip  
# Version: v2.1.0  
(uploadify.swf) Actionscript:  
function setAllowedTypes():void {  
allowedTypes = [];  
if (param.fileDesc && param.fileExt) {  
var fileDescs:Array = param.fileDesc.split('|');  
var fileExts:Array = param.fileExt.split('|');  
for (var n = 0; n < fileDescs.length; n++) {  
allowedTypes.push(new FileFilter(fileDescs[n], fileExts[n]));  
The FileFilter class is used to indicate what files on the user's system are shown in the file-browsing dialog box that is displayed when the FileReference.browse() method; a user can simply bypass this filter by writing the malicious file name and path on the file browser dialog box rather than navigating and choosing it.  
#1 : upload your file ie (shell.php)  
#2 : Retreive the 'folder' parameter passed to uploadify jquery function  
from the head of the page source code ie('folder': 'files/',)  
#3 : Navigate to your file ie(http://site/files/shell.php)  
A quick fix is to validate your file type inside uploadify.php before saving it  
OR to randomize your file names :)  
Greetz to all Al Akhawayn friends