Type packetstorm
Reporter Wintercore
Modified 2008-10-07T00:00:00


We just want to make a public warning to those users of Motorola/Netopia  
Timbuktu Remote Control Software who are using the Internet Locator  
service. This service allows to locate any Timbuktu's user just by  
knowing the email.  
More than five months ago we notified Netopia's customer support  
(http://blog.wintercore.com/?p=21), after discovering a hardcoded  
user/password pair within SALT.dll.  
Dll: SALT.dll  
Address: 0x604b83D4  
PE section: .rdata  
user: xa7z8  
pass: e74sa9  
url: findme.netopia.com/_REMOVE_THIS_findme/  
By using this information it was possible to access, in real-time, to  
hundreds of users' records containing their IP, email, software version  
and information related to the license.  
We have received no reply since then. 5 months after, we have found out  
what we would say an "obvious" patch:  
"if the problem was the user/password, well, let's remove it!. Fixed.".  
Really hilarious.  
Now, *everyone* can access those records without having valid credentials.  
Taking into account that there are remote exploits available for that  
software, that everyone can grab your IP and software version, and that  
there are emails from government, military and high-profile corporate  
staff, better you disable that feature.  
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