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Reporter youcode
Modified 2008-04-28T00:00:00


PHPizabi v0.848b C1 HFP3 database information exposure  
* I would like to state that I am in no way responsible for how this information is used.   
It is just that, information and is provided for informational purposes only.*  
An exploit exists in PHPizabi that allows a user using a specially crafted post to disclose  
user credentials as well as any other information within the database. Using the following  
format in a post to a users profile will disclose the corresponding field from that users  
entry in the database.  
The breakdown:  
template.class.php function AssignUser lines 104-108  
if (is_array($user)) {  
foreach ($user as $code => $value) {  
Vulnerable code ----------> $this->Buffer = str_replace("{user.".$code."}", $value, $this->Buffer);  
What happens here is that as an array of database fields is processed, if {user.DATABASEFIELD} is  
found in the buffer it is overwritten with the corresponding value from the database. The  
buffer being processed is going to be output as the page. See where this is going? :)  
So the basic process is as this. Register on PHPizabi site, post a "comment" on the users  
profile whos credentials you want to obtain ie the admin. Being like so  
When viewing the profile, click the comments tab and then click "View all comments". This will  
disclose the md5 hashed password from the database.  
Note this could work on older versions of the software too. Also any valid database field can  
be substituted for password in the above statement.  
by: YOUCODE ---