Type packetstorm
Reporter Joseph Giron
Modified 2007-11-26T00:00:00


                                            `E-vanced Solutions Multiple Vulnerabilites  
First off, script code can be injected into all fields when you register for some event. This presents a possibility for cookie theft from logged in users.   
Next off, theres there exists an SQL injection point from the eventsignup variable  
eventsignup.asp?ID=4197 UNION ALL SELECT username, etc FROM users--  
Now theres the Evanced Summer reader Suite.  
summer re•ader  
viewreviews.asp?ProgramID=35 union all select lol FROM lol--&CurrPage=2  
XSS also works in the user registration page for the name, and all other info, and a nice XSS exists under user reviews for every field in patronlogadd.asp   
The fun doesnt stop there. Next we have Room Rese•rve  
XSS works in the room reservation area.  
Vendor Notified. No patch yet.   
Happy hacking!