Type packetstorm
Reporter h4xorcrew
Modified 2005-11-03T00:00:00


                                            `h4xorCrew Advirosy 2: Sambar Servers 6.3 BETA 2 proxy config XSS  
H-4 in da house. we sent this to security focus but they way too slow  
so we send to our reports here from now on. thanks for list [Full  
Disclosure] who dont think they ownz all the informations on the  
Software: Sambar Servers 6.3 BETA 2 an maby before  
Discovered by: ripped from weblog on the internet site then use p4r0s.  
severety: depends  
investigations by the H4-Crew who put the lid off this so its no more zero day.  
[1]cookie theif  
[2] hijacking XSS proxy (  
Sambars's server is multifaceted server with many threads. Versiosn of  
Sambar Server 6.3 BETA 2 is vulenrable to the cross-site scriptings in  
proxy configuration in admin console. Authentications are required to  
get at the vulnerability, but once so, inject script breaks off in the  
big structure of proxy.asp in many fields because of no delicate input  
place in the big field of Remote Proxy Server or Proxy Filter IPs and send.  
becous proxy config remembers settings it will be stored perisentce  
vector XSS for getting at you later.  
Workaround: use strong passwords for admin and don't let lo priv  
users configure proxy config.  
Inmportant geetz:  
shoutz to alyandon <-- ur so lljk, thorian, H4ckm4sta 10BaseT,  
b3nderB, shane,st3v3, my h0mies in SeGmEnTuM SoLaR, lux, inspecta-DEC,  
protocolZ, l0cUt0s, s3ssM4ngler, and da rest of the cr3w (you knowit)  
Other suxkur cr3ws  
btr step off we're d0ing th3 hax. 7h4nkz ph0r 411 teh 5w33 1dustree  
webin4rz th47 74ugh7 uz m4d 5ki11z.w00t sh0utz 0ut to 4ll the  
m0d3r4t0rZ @ SF thE sp1ce mUsT fl0w  
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