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{ [ Multiple vulnerabilities in Coppermine Photo Gallery 1.3.2 ] }  
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Author: Janek Vind "waraxe"  
Date: 20. April 2005  
Location: Estonia, Tartu  
Web: http://www.waraxe.us/advisory-42.html  
Target software description:  
Coppermine Photo Gallery   
Coppermine is an easily set-up, fast, feature-rich photo gallery script with MySQL  
database. CPG supports template & user management, private galleries, automatic  
thumbnail creation, film strip, e-card feature for easy customization to match the  
rest of a site. CPG 1.3 adds multiple uploads, updated securities, countless bug-fixes,  
many new features including support for document types (ie tiff, psd, swf etc) and  
online editing of documents!   
Homepage: http://coppermine.sourceforge.net/  
Today we will analyze some possible security flaws in Coppermine 1.3.2 standalone.  
It all will start from:  
A - Sql injection  
Here is code fragment from "/include/init.inc.php" line ~ 357:  
--------[original source code]--------  
// See if the fav cookie is set else set it  
if (isset($HTTP_COOKIE_VARS[$CONFIG['cookie_name'] . '_fav'])) {  
$FAVPICS = @unserialize(@base64_decode($HTTP_COOKIE_VARS[$CONFIG['cookie_name'] . '_fav']));  
} else {  
$FAVPICS = array();  
--------[/original source code]--------  
So as we can see, data from cookie (typical is "cpg132_fav") is base64_decode-d and then unserialized.  
So ANY kind of data can be delivered to coppermine, including single quotes (" ' "), nulls ("\0"), etc.  
What next? As i can understand, $FAVPICS is supposed to be as array with INT values.  
But where is checks then? With unserialize() there are all things possible...  
Let's see further, file "include/functions.inc.php", line ~ 840:  
--------[original source code]--------  
if (count($FAVPICS)>0){  
$favs = implode(",",$FAVPICS);  
$result = db_query("SELECT COUNT(*) from {$CONFIG['TABLE_PICTURES']} WHERE approved = 'YES' AND pid IN ($favs)");  
$nbEnr = mysql_fetch_array($result);  
$count = $nbEnr[0];  
$select_columns = '*';  
$result = db_query("SELECT $select_columns FROM {$CONFIG['TABLE_PICTURES']} WHERE approved = 'YES'AND pid IN ($favs) $limit");  
$rowset = db_fetch_rowset($result);  
if ($set_caption) foreach ($rowset as $key => $row){  
$caption = $rowset[$key]['title'] ? "<span class=\"thumb_caption\">".($rowset[$key]['title'])."</span>" : '';  
$rowset[$key]['caption_text'] = $caption;  
--------[/original source code]--------  
Well, "$favs" uses "$FAVPICS" without any sanitize and possible single quotes can propagate to $favs too.  
And finally "$favs" is used directly in sql queries. Therefore sql injection can take place and it's exploitable.  
Good news (for admin's and webmasters) is, that this kind of sql injection case is complicated to implement,  
because specific restricting factors. It needs to write special script or program, which uses COOKIE variables and  
some blind sql injection technics. Not for scriptkiddies this time ...  
Now, let's move further and assume, that someone is exploiting this specific sql injection and can therefore retrieve  
from database any arbitrary information. As usual, most interesting data do steal is admin username and password hash.  
So we are arrived to:  
B - Plaintext passwords in database  
Believe it or not, Coppermine uses plaintext passwords for storing in sql database. No md5, no sha1, just plaintext...  
I have information, that Coppermine will be using md5 hashes soon, but right now attacker can retrieve from  
sql database admin username and password and then get easily administrator privileges in Coppermine context.  
This gives to attacker new possibilities to further assault, and one of them is:  
C - Sql injection in "zipdownload.php"  
Let's look at source code from "zipdownload.php" line ~ 45:  
--------[original source code]--------  
if (count($FAVPICS)>0){  
$favs = implode(",",$FAVPICS);  
$select_columns = 'filepath,filename';  
$result = db_query("SELECT $select_columns FROM {$CONFIG['TABLE_PICTURES']} WHERE approved = 'YES'AND pid IN ($favs)");  
$rowset = db_fetch_rowset($result);  
foreach ($rowset as $key => $row){  
$filelist[] = $rowset[$key]['filepath'].$rowset[$key]['filename'];  
--------[/original source code]--------  
Zipdownload functionality is disabled by default in Coppermine, but when attacker will have admin  
privileges, it can be turned on. And by looking to source code we can see, that it will give to  
potential intruder possibilites to download any file from server, readable by script.  
How to fix:  
Vendor first contacted: 16. April 2005  
Vendor first response: 17. April 2005  
Details sent to vendor: 17. April 2005  
Vendor second response: 17. April 2005   
Patch released by vendor: 20. April 2005  
URL: http://coppermine.sourceforge.net/board/index.php?topic=17134  
New Coppermine version 1.3.3 is available at:  
Discussions - http://www.waraxe.us/forums.html  
Additional resources:  
Online Base64 decoder and encoder - http://base64-encoder-online.waraxe.us/  
SiteMapper - free php script for SEO phpNuke powered websites -  
Fresh version 0.5 can be downloaded @ http://sitemapper.waraxe.us/  
Greets to LINUX, Heintz, murdock, g0df4th3r, slimjim100, shai-tan, y3dips and  
all other active members from waraxe.us forum !  
Tervitused - Raido Kerna !  
Janek Vind "waraxe"  
Homepage: http://www.waraxe.us/  
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