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Reporter Janek Vind aka waraxe
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{ [waraxe-2005-SA#041] }  
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{ [ Critical Sql Injection in PhpNuke 6.x-7.6 Top module ] }  
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Author: Janek Vind "waraxe"  
Date: 06. April 2005  
Location: Estonia, Tartu  
Web: http://www.waraxe.us/advisory-41.html  
Target software description:  
Php-Nuke is a popular opensource content management system, written in php by  
Francisco Burzi. This CMS is used on many thousands websites, because it's   
freeware, easy to install and manage and has broad set of features.  
Homepage: http://phpnuke.org  
Like title says, this time the sql injection security hole have been found in  
phpnuke "Top" module. Lets look @ source code of the phpnuke 7.6 top module  
index file (/modules/Top/index.php) ~ line 186:  
[original source code]  
/* Top 10 Polls */  
$result8 = $db->sql_query("select * from ".$prefix."_poll_desc $queryplang");  
if ($db->sql_numrows($result8)>0) {  
echo "<table border=\"0\" cellpadding=\"10\" width=\"100%\"><tr><td align=\"left\">\n"  
."<font class=\"option\"><b>$top "._VOTEDPOLLS."</b></font><br><br><font class=\"content\">\n";  
$lugar = 1;  
$result9 = sql_query("SELECT pollID, pollTitle, timeStamp, voters FROM ".$prefix."_poll_desc  
$querylang order by voters DESC limit 0,$top", $dbi);  
$counter = 0;  
[/original source code]  
And what's the problem? It appears, that variable "$querylang" is uninitialized. So, if we  
will "poison" php variable space through GET/POST/COOKIE, then sql query manipulation is  
[real life exploit]  
[/real life exploit]  
... and as result we can see md5 hashes of all the admin passwords in place, where normally  
top 10 votes can be seen :)  
Of course, mysql version 4.x must be used with enabled union functionality. And if there are  
Sentinel or similar protection systems installed, additional measures must be used to evade them.  
Have a nice day!  
How to fix:  
For help look @ http://www.waraxe.us/forums.html  
Additional resources:  
Free Base64 decoder and encoder - http://base64-encoder-online.waraxe.us/  
SiteMapper - free php script for phpNuke powered websites -  
newest version 0.4 can be downloaded @ http://sitemapper.waraxe.us/  
Greets to LINUX, murdock, g0df4th3r, slimjim100, shai-tan, y3dips and  
all other active members from my forum !  
Special greets to Heintz - congrats about phpbb sploit finding !  
Tervitused - Raido Kerna !  
Janek Vind "waraxe"  
Homepage: http://www.waraxe.us/  
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