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Title: SiteEnable CMS Multiple Severe XSS and Sql injections   
Risk: High   
Date: 1/04/2005   
Quote from the Vendor: "SiteEnable starts at only $189.00"   
I could test siteenable from their online demo:   
and after some minute I realized I was on another buggy cms.   
---+ XSS: kie)%3C/script%3E   
Another more severe script injection is in the Submit a Quote page in which neither title or description fields are sanitized. This can affect all the visitors of the site.   
Anyone can inject a silent script and grab anyone's password or cookie.   
----+ SQL Injection: sortby=;SELECT%20* FROM bla bla--   
The sortby parameter is directly passed to the sql string without any check. This is sentor of mental illness...   
Once again I've not thoroughly tested SiteEnable for a time matter and because they do not provide source code (it is sold at 189$). Probably other vulns can be found.   
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