Type packetstorm
Reporter cout
Modified 2005-03-22T00:00:00


Hello to everyone  
I'm sorry if this was already posted but if it wasn't have a look at it.  
It seems that includer.cgi will do a very nice directory traversal for you  
but I don't know what version or other specific details but the vuln.   
is very high.I tried only a couple of them and it was enough for me.If  
the includer will serve a text file existed on the web server then it   
will serve you any file you want.It looks like this:  
If the server has a valid url  
then it will hapilly also show  
Some versions even don't bother to go up the / directory  
Now don't go out and break other people's work and show others what a smart   
guy you are and what stupid other people are.  
Try to have fun with it and stop there.