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                                            `Gene6 FTP Server Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability   
By Sowhat  
Gene6 FTP Server  
Gene6 Sarl Inc.  
(1) Introduction  
Gene6 FTP Server is a popular FTP Server for Microsoft Windows platforms.  
For more information:  
(2) Details  
Local exploitation of a design error vulnerability in Gene6 FTP Server could   
allow the attacker to gain elevated Priveleges,usually the SYSTEM.  
The problem is that ,After a default installation,a local  
non-privleged user can  
Modify the settings of the Gene6 FTP Server,such as adding a new "SITE   
COMMAND",And because the Gene6 FTP Server run under the SYSTEM ,so  
it's easy to elevate the privelege.  
1.Logon as a unprivileged user  
2.Open the Gene6 FTP Server control console.Add a FTP user account,for   
3.Add a new "SITE" COMMAND for the FTP server,to do this ,you need to map a   
executable files to a new SITE COMMAND.see step 4 and 5  
4.Simply write a .bat file named ABC.bat  
---cut here -------------------------  
net user abc /add  
net localgroup administrators abc /add  
---cut here -------------------------  
5.Map this ABC.bat to a new SITE command ,for example ,"ABC"  
6.ok,now it's the time to GOT the SYSTEM privelege.  
Use the "test" user logon to the FTP server,and execute the following command:  
ftp>quote site abc  
OK.the ABC.bat was executed as SYSTEM,you got it !  
Of course ,you can Map any executable files as you want :)  
(3) Impact  
Exploitation allows local users to obtain Local System privileges,   
thereby providing them with complete control of the affected system.  
(4) Vendor Reply  
Reply from the  
"there are already options in the software to disallow this if running in   
multiple users environment which you should also report as solution. It is true   
that it may not be obvious though"  
They said that in fact there is an option to set up an FTP  
administrator account  
,and also need some other steps. "It is true that it may not be obvious though"