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Reporter ECL Team
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                                            ` [ ECL Security R&D ]  
Privilege escalation vulnerabilities in W-Channel embedded linux  
Type: Local  
Impact: Critical  
Affected versions: all versions below v1.54  
Product description:  
Local user input handling vulnerabilities exist in WCI's   
TC-IDE Embedded Linux that allow local users with access to the   
tools provided with the system to spawn a root console,  
gaining full control over the running Linux operating system.  
In corporate environments where this product is being used,  
such vulnerabilities could cause disastrous effects, all users  
are encouraged to update to the latest firmware ASAP.  
We've found three methods of exploitation, explained below:  
1) In the Net Tools dialog, type ";crxvt&" (without the quotes),  
and click on Discover. A root shell within a virtual terminal   
should appear.  
2) In the PPPoE dailer GUI, type the same as above in the  
username field, and click connect.  
3) In Opera, click on Menu, then Preferences. In E-mail,   
mark the "Use specific e-mail client" radio button,   
and type "/bin/dillo" (without the quotes) in the textbox below.   
Apply the settings, and close this menu. In the main window,   
click on Mail, then Compose. The dillo browser window should   
now be launched. Point it to the following address:   
"http://localhost/cgi-bin/mycomputer.cgi". Go to the Control Panel,   
then User Desktop. Enable "My Computer", then restart your desktop.   
You should now have Adminitrator access to most of the settings.  
Vendor correspondence:  
Vendor informed: 15/10/04  
Vendor reply: 17/10/04  
Vendor fix release: 8/11/04  
The security problems have been fixed and marked as v1.54 build,  
Users should contact W-Channel for information on how to obtain the latest firmware.  
Yuri Gushin Alex Behar Valentin Slalov  
PGP: 0xFCE10121 PGP: 0x6896DEAD PGP: 0xA552D63B