Type packetstorm
Reporter Janek Vind aka waraxe
Modified 2004-07-18T00:00:00


{ [waraxe-2004-SA#036] }  
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{ [ Multiple security holes in PhpNuke - part 3 ] }  
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Author: Janek Vind "waraxe"  
Date: 18. July 2004  
Location: Estonia, Tartu  
Web: http://www.waraxe.us/index.php?modname=sa&id=36  
Affected software description:  
Php-Nuke is a popular freeware content management system, written in php by  
Francisco Burzi. This CMS (Content Management System) is used on many thousands  
websites, because it's freeware, easy to install and has broad set of features.  
Homepage: http://phpnuke.org  
Finally i got looked through all the search module code and as expected, there are  
many (in)security related findings. Let's begin ...  
A - Full path disclosure  
A1 - full path disclosure in "/modules/Search/index.php":  
Go to search page:  
and enter to search field "**" (without double quotes).  
Or enter plus sign "+".  
As result there will be standard php error messages, revealing full path:  
Warning: eregi(): REG_BADRPT: in D:\apache_wwwroot\nuke73\modules\Search\index.php on line 228  
Warning: eregi(): REG_BADRPT: in D:\apache_wwwroot\nuke73\modules\Search\index.php on line 232  
Warning: eregi(): REG_BADRPT: in D:\apache_wwwroot\nuke73\modules\Search\index.php on line 235  
B - Cross-site scripting aka XSS  
B1 - xss in "/modules/Search/index.php" through user submitted variable "$sid":  
http://localhost/nuke73/modules.php?name=Search&sid=[xss code here]  
B2 - xss in "/modules/Search/index.php" through user submitted variable "$max":  
http://localhost/nuke73/modules.php?name=Search&query=*&max=[xss code here]  
remark: search results count must be >= 9.  
B3 - xss in "/modules/Search/index.php" through uninitialized variables "$sel1" - "sel5":  
http://localhost/nuke73/modules.php?name=Search&query=waraxe&sel1=[xss code here]&type=comments  
B4 - xss in "/modules/Search/index.php" through uninitialized variable "$match":  
http://localhost/nuke73/modules.php?name=Search&a=6&query=*&match=[xss code here]  
B5 - xss in "/modules/Search/index.php" through uninitialized variables "$mod1" - "$mod3":  
http://www.nukecops.com/modules.php?name=Search&query=*&mod3=[xss code here]  
Remark - specific module must be disabled in order to xss triggering!  
C - Sql Injection  
C1 - noncritical sql injection case in "/modules/Search/index.php":  
Reason is unsanitized user-submitted variable "$min", which gets delievered directly  
to sql request, afrer "ORDER BY / LIMIT" keywords. In mysql version 4.0 its not useful for exploiting,  
but in case of new version 4.1, where subselects functionality will be available, there will be  
possibility to use blind sql injection methods. So - this security bug must be fixed ASAP.  
C2 - critical sql injection case in "/modules/Search/index.php":  
Yeah, yeah, yeah - AGAIIIIIN! Fatal sql injection...  
"Use the Source, Luke" --> let's look @ original code  
----------------[ original source ]-----------------  
$query = addslashes($query);  
if ($type=="stories" OR !$type)  
if ($category > 0)  
$categ = "AND catid='$category' ";  
elseif ($category == 0)  
$categ = "";  
$q = "select s.sid, s.aid, s.informant, s.title, s.time, s.hometext, s.bodytext,  
a.url, s.comments, s.topic from ".$prefix."_stories s, ".$prefix."_authors a   
where s.aid=a.aid $queryalang $categ";  
if (isset($query)) $q .= "AND (s.title LIKE '%$query%' OR s.hometext LIKE '%$query%'  
OR s.bodytext LIKE '%$query%' OR s.notes LIKE '%$query%') ";  
if ($author != "") $q .= "AND s.aid='$author' ";  
if ($topic != "") $q .= "AND s.topic='$topic' ";  
if ($days != "" && $days!=0) $q .= "AND TO_DAYS(NOW()) - TO_DAYS(time) <= '$days' ";  
$q .= " ORDER BY s.time DESC LIMIT $min,$offset";  
$t = $topic;  
$result5 = $db->sql_query($q);  
----------------[/original source ]-----------------  
What we can see here, is that construction "if/elseif" misses ending part "/else".  
And if we deliver there "$category" as < 0, then variable "$categ" will be uninitialized.  
So - let's get dirty ;)  
----------------[ real life exploit ]---------------  
----------------[/real life exploit ]---------------  
And you can see some confidential information about admins...  
See ya next time and have a nice day!  
How to fix:  
Fixing tutorials, discussion, help - look at http://www.waraxe.us/forums.html  
See ya there!  
Greets to Raido Kerna and to http://www.gamecheaters.us staff!  
Special greets to icenix and slimjim100!  
Tervitused - Heintz ja Maku!  
Janek Vind "waraxe"  
Homepage: http://www.waraxe.us/  
---------------------------------- [ EOF ] ------------------------------------