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Reporter Janek Vind aka waraxe
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{ [waraxe-2004-SA#005] }  
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{ [ XSS in Php-Nuke 7.1.0 - part 2 ] }  
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Author: Janek Vind "waraxe"  
Date: 15. March 2004  
Location: Estonia, Tartu  
Affected software description:  
Php-Nuke is popular freeware content management system, written in php by  
Francisco Burzi. This CMS (COntent Management System) is used on many thousands  
websites, because it`s free of charge, easy to install and has broad set of features.  
Homepage: http://phpnuke.org  
Through the history of the PhpNuke there has been lots of messages and announcments  
about the Cross-Site Scripting aka XSS problems in this popular content management system.  
Now PhpNuke has allready version number 7.1.0, but still we can't say, that it's secure  
software. This advisory - "waraxe-2004-SA#005" - is meant to uncover some more XSS cases,  
besides those published earlier by me in "waraxe-2004-SA#002".  
So, let's begin...  
1. http://localhost/nuke71/modules.php?name=Feedback  
If we use in "Your Name" field the string:  
"><body onload=alert(document.cookie);>   
then we have XSS conditions. Same applies to email field.  
2. http://localhost/nuke71/modules.php?name=Your_Account&op=pass_lost  
In "nicname" field we use "><body onload=alert(document.cookie);> and XSS is available.  
Remark - you need to make custom form, because in the original html code there is   
limited length of the "nicname" text field - 15 symbols.  
3. http://localhost/nuke71/modules.php?name=Recommend_Us&op=SiteSent&fname=>[xss code here]  
Remark - because the GET parameters are filtered in PhpNuke, we need to bukd custom html code  
with proper form and then use POST parameters to complete the mission. By the way - even COOKIE  
parameters can be used for this and it`s really handy, because COOKIE stuff get's rarely logged by   
web server software. This applies to all XSS cases in PhpNuke, because the use of the code  
"import_request_variables('GPC');" in the mainfile.php ;)  
4. http://localhost/nuke71/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=TopRated&ratenum=>[xss code here]&ratetype=x  
5. http://localhost/nuke71/modules.php?name=Journal&file=search&disp=showsearch  
We can exploit the search field for implement the XSS.  
Finally - if we use XSS, we can steal cookies, use them to pretend to be somebody else (authentication  
bypass), and if the victim of the impersonating has admin rights in PhpNUke, then the entire website  
is allready compromised...  
Greets to ulljobu, djzone, raider and to all IT freaks in Estonia!  
Janek Vind "waraxe"  
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