Type packetstorm
Reporter Arnaud Jacques
Modified 2003-09-25T00:00:00


                                            `myServer 0.4.3 Directory Traversal Vulnerability  
.oO Overview Oo.  
myServer version 0.4.3 shows files and directories that reside outside the   
normal web root directory.  
Discovered on 2003, August, 23th  
Vendor: Myserver (  
MyServer is a free, powerful web server program designed to be easily run on a   
personal computer by the average computer user. It is a multithread   
application and supports HTTP, CGI, ISAPI, WinCGI and FastCGI protocols. It   
is available on Windows and Linux Operating Systems. This web server can   
shows file and directory content that reside outside the normal web root   
Original text is at  
.oO Details Oo.  
The vulnerability can be done using any browser. You just have to send a   
specially crafted dot-dot URL to retreive any file outside of the root   
.oO Exploit Oo.  
You have to create a dot-dot URL with the same number of "/./" and "/../" + 1.  
For example, you can use :  
.oO Solution Oo.  
The vendor has been informed and has solved the problem.  
Download MyServer 0.5 at   
.oO Discovered by Oo.  
Arnaud Jacques aka scrap