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                                            `The following e-mail was sent to Acadsoft support about a week ago and I  
have yet recieved a response so I thought it was time to make it public.  
As I mentioned in the email I felt it was important because various  
universities use this as a registration utility.   
>I was playing around with your demo binary on your webpage and noticed  
>that an invalid request to your executable 'webcgi98.exe' displays the  
>path of the of your webserver directory and an ini file it's trying to  
>I'm not sure if version 2.6 is correct, but here is the demo I was using.  
>http://www.acadsoft.com/cgi-win/webcgi98.exe? <press enter>  
>With no or *any* invalid arguemnts are used the following error is  
>The system was unable to process your request.  
>Query String = >AAAKEY NOT FOUND<  
>Decoded String = >AAAKEY NOT FOUND<  
>Ini File Name = >C:\WebSite\cgi-temp\11485ws.ini<  
>This should have been properly QA'ed and needs to be fixed. Various  
>Universities use this as there WebRegistration software so I felt it was  
>important enough to bring up.  
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