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                                            `Mdaemon Web Services Heap Overflow DoS  
Advisory Code: VIGILANTE-2000012  
Release Date:  
September 18, 2000  
Systems Affected:  
- Mdaemon 3.1.1 for Windows NT  
It is likely that older versions are also affected.  
We want to start off by pointing out that this is not the same problem  
as was initially reported by USSR labs in Mdaemon  
The Mdaemon Worldclient on TCP port 3000 and the Mdaemon Webconfig on  
TCP port 3001 both contain the same vulnerability. If a certain request  
is sent to the web service, it results in a heap overflow, crashing the  
service with a Dr. Watson access violation.  
This appears to be a general problem in the way that Mdaemon handles  
these kinds of URLs, so if other Mdaemon web services are used, those  
are probably vulnerable as well. The reason that the before mentioned  
services were tested is that they are enabled in a default installation.  
A Side Note:  
Even though this is "only" a Denial of Service, the fact is that it is  
a heap overflow, and with several registers overwritten in a process  
owned by LocalSystem, there is a possibility that it could be exploited  
to gain elevated privileges on the host.  
Vendor Status:  
The vendor was contacted on the 12th of September and the vulnerability  
was verified by them the following day. The fix was officially released  
on the 14th of September. It's nice to see the vendor react so quickly.  
The fix is to upgrade to version 3.1.12, which can be found here:  
Vendor URL:  
Product URL:  
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