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                                            `Intel Express Switch 500 series DoS  
Advisory Code: VIGILANTE-2000007  
Release Date:  
August 28, 2000  
Systems Affected:  
Intel Express Switch 550F  
- Firmware version 2.63  
- Firmware version 2.64  
Based on the response from Intel (quoted below), it is very likely that  
other switches from the same series are also affected.  
By sending an IP packet, either to the Intel Express 550F or a host behind  
it, with a malformed IP-header, the box crashes. To restart it, you need  
to pull the plug (the reset button also looses functionality).  
Vendor Status:  
Intel was contacted on the 18th of July, and on the 21st of July a beta fix  
was produced. Regression testing on the fix is not yet complete.  
Fix (quote from the vendor):  
"We're still working on a solution for you. Until then, I would advise that  
any reporting, from you/your company, of this issue with the 500 series  
switches MUST include a statement which indicates contacting Intel® Customer  
Support for a fix. Following this, Intel® Customer Support will send the  
patch to the customer(s).  
For a list of phone numbers to get in touh with us, please refer to the  
following URL:"  
Vendor URL:  
Product URL:  
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