Type packetstorm
Reporter Prizm
Modified 2000-07-18T00:00:00


                                            `Application: Alibaba 2.0  
Problem Type: Multiple Problems(3)  
Author: Prizm<>  
Platform(s): Windows 95/98/NT  
Vendor Status: Not Informed  
Vendor Website:  
Product Description  
Alibaba is a fully functional http server for windows 95/98/NT. It supports cgi among many other   
things. It is easily configurable and is quite easy to use.  
Bug #1: Long GET request causes alibaba server to crash  
The problem, as usual, is with bounds checking.  
By doing:[8173 bytes]  
The alibaba server will shut down.  
Bug #2: Problem in multiple scripts(overwrite and byte injection)  
This was found after reading a previous report on alibaba reguarding several cgi's, get32.exe  
included. get16.exe, post16.exe and post32.exe all seem to include the same vulnerability as the   
one in get32.exe. Bugs in get32.exe, and tst.bat were found by Kerb(|echo%20>c:\text.txt|echo%20>c:\text.txt|echo%20>c:\text.txt  
These will overwrite file.txt, or any file you specify. The get16.exe, post16.exe and post32.exe   
programs will also allow the injection of code bytes into any executable file.  
Bug #3: All cgi-bin scripts allow listing of alibaba directory   
Simply requesting |dir%20c:\[dir] after every cgi script, you can see the contents of the   
directory you specified after |dir%20 .  
CGI Scripts that seem to be able to do this are: get16.exe, get32.exe, post16.exe, get32.exe,   
tst.bat, tst2.bat, lsin.exe, lsindex2.bat, imapcern.exe, imapncsa.exe and aliredir.exe  
Vendor Status  
I didn't bother to inform the vendor because the latest version was released in 1996, so i   
logically figured they had forgotten about it.  
Lamagra, Scrippie, eth0, narr0w and many others...