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                                            `Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 20:12:39 -0500  
From: Mark E. Duck <duck@AQUASCAPE.COM>  
Subject: E-mailed Trojan  
There is a trojan horse circulating the Internet as an attachment in email  
with a spoofed email address of Microsoft Corporation. It contains an  
announcement and an attachment that is supposedly targeted at registered  
users of MS Internet Explorer. A copy of the email was not available for  
examination, but the attachment was. The attachment is called ie0199.exe and  
is represented as a HOTFIX for IE.  
When executed it deletes sndvol32.exe from the %SystemRoot%\System32  
directory, installs %SystemRoot%\System\sndvol.exe, creates a registry key  
value HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Default with a  
value of %SystemRoot%\System\sndvol.exe. This key causes execution of  
sndvol.exe after logging into the system. This is malicious code that  
continually half opens TCP connections on various ports to  
You must delete %SystemRoot%\System\sndvol.exe, terminate the running  
sndvol.exe process, remove the key (see above), and restore  
%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\sndvol32.exe with a known good copy (if required) to  
remove the trojan.  
Thanks go out to ET, Ranger Rick, Homer, and Raz for their assistance on  
tracking this down and helping me kill it. Public attribution of the authors  
of this report is acceptable and expected.  
Mark E. Duck, Owner  
AquaScape, Internet Services  
"Those who desire to give up Freedom, to gain Security, will not, and do not  
deserve, either." -- Thomas Jefferson