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                                            `ISS products are meant to be used in a defensive role. Here we will look at   
using them in an offensive role.  
===Please note that the writer has NO responsibility for YOUR actions with   
this === ===information! I did not make you do it. I just made you aware it   
COULD be done.===  
Internet Scanner and the Real Secure products can both be used to create a   
DoS type attack on unsuspecting networks. Here is what a would-be attacker   
would need to conduct such an attack:  
ISS product.  
Visit and obtain the key generator for ISS products.  
Cut your key to include the range of IP addresses, which you wish to use the   
products against. (Or just make one "God" key by making the range  
Install the product and drop the newly created key in the directory. Now   
your ready to go to work. Note: You may want to install the latest Xpress   
updates before you begin. Having the latest and greatest exploits and   
vulnerabilities in the product increases your chances of finding one that   
your target is vulnerable to.  
Having ISS Internet Scanner on a laptop could work wonders. For instance,   
have physical access to a network. Plug yourself in. Now let Internet   
Scanner run DoS attacks against the entire network. Or set up policies in   
Real Secure that restrict net bios traffic if it is a Windows network   
environment. Or maybe stop all traffic to website you hate by blocking HTTP   
traffic from any host to your target (website). Remotely a person could look   
up a domain on the Internet, grab its IP address, remotely check for its   
Operating System, and Web server application and let Internet Scanner run   
against it.  
Keep in mind that these products will not spoof the source IP address that   
the attacks are coming from. There are only a couple of "checks"(attacks)   
that spoof the source address of the attack. Although in Real Secure killing   
TCP connections are a bit harder to trace than a teardrop attack from   
Internet Scanner.  
There are a number of ways that these products could be used in an offensive   
manner. This is in no way an all-inclusive listing.