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                                            `Subject: Trojan Horse Guard - Cassandra GOLD Release.  
Uppsala, Sweden the 23rd of July 1999  
Dear fellow Bugtraq readers,  
I am proud to present the Gold version of Cassandra.  
Cassandra is a free Trojan Horse Guard which has the ability to detect and remove 25 different Trojan Horses.  
The first version was apparantly greatly appreciated by the public. It didn't get a lot of publicity except for a link in Aleph Ones BO2K mail.  
But despite this, Cassandra was downloaded over 1 400 times in 7 days.   
I want to thank all of you who have given me advice, corrected me, reported bugs, supplied me with mirrors etc. You have all been very helpful, thankyou.  
To download Cassandra Gold or to get more information about Cassandra Gold, point your browser towards:  
I hope this tool will be of use in your everyday fight against Trojans.  
Yours sincerely  
Jonathan James  
"Pain is weakness leaving the body." US. Navy   
Jonathan James  
ICQ: 34886860