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                                            `Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 19:05:35 -0500  
From: McClain Looney <mcclain@STOMPED.COM>  
Subject: espernet irc services  
I didn't think anyone cared about irc, but seeing the mIRC posts on this  
list, here goes:  
Espernet irc services below version 3.3.5 are vulnerable to a bug in the  
add/remove code for chanserv which causes a segmentation fault in the  
server. The bug is not widely known or exploited (as far as i can tell),  
but innocent users will likely crash any services daemon repeatedly, and at  
random, (hey, this command didn't work, lets try it again, and again, and  
again...etc). The bug manifests itself after an ordered series of  
add/remove commands to chanserv (i won't get into what they are, but it's  
definitely reproducible).  
The latest version (3.3.6)of espernet services is at