phpMyAdmin 4.8.1 Local File Inclusion

Type packetstorm
Reporter ChaMd5
Modified 2018-06-22T00:00:00


                                            `The latest version downloaded from the official website, the file name is  
The problem appears in /index.php  
Find 55~63 lines  
Line 61 contains include $_REQUEST['target'];  
This is obviously LFI precursor, as long as we bypass the 55 to 59 restrictions on the line  
Line 57 restricts the target parameter from beginning with index  
Line 58 limit target parameter cannot appear within $target_blacklist  
Find the definition of $target_blacklist :  
In /index.php the first of 50 lines  
As long as the target parameter is not import.php or export.php, the last limit is Core::checkPageValidity($_REQUEST['target'])  
Find the checkPageValidity method of the Core class :  
Defined in the \ libraries \ classes \ core.php on the 443 line  
The problem is in urldecode() on line 465  
We can use this function to bypass the white list detection!  
I ? Twice url encoded as % 253f can bypass the validation!  
- - -   
I thought the loophole was over, because I didn't find out where phpmyadmin could perform file operations to implement Getshell . After several weeks of inspiration, I thought of a way to get Shell without writing files .  
We all know that after login phpmyadmin , the database is completely controllable, then we can write the WebShell to the database and then include the database file?  
Tested locally, I found that if you use WebShell as the field value of the data table can be perfectly written to the database file:  
Find the corresponding database file: